No. 1 GCF Jabalpur
नंबर 1 जीसीएफ जबलपुर
No. 1 GCF Jabalpur
CBSE Affiliation No. 1000005
CBSE Affiliation No. - 1000005 School No. - 03318 New E Mail ID of KV 1 GCF Ku. Sakshi Bose of class VII wins Gold Medal (taekwondo) at National Sports Meet.
Growth Milestones

Vidyalaya was opened in 1966, under the Defence sector. Area of Land provided by sponsoring authority 13.5 Acres,which is provided in GCF Estate and possessed in 1968. Mode of Transfer: Lease Deed
Genesis And Growth 1. Present building of Kendriya Vidyalaya no.1 GCF inaugurated by Shri Bhakt Darshan,commisioner KVS on 17sept 1966. 2.Inauguration of extension building by Shri.G.R.Narsimhan on 21 1977 3.Dining Hall of the vidyalaya Inaugurated by Shri.Harsh Mohan Caire,commisioner KVS on 21st


A new prayer zone for the primary student

development of Fourth Computer Lab

Additional Building for Primary Student come in existence on 07/02/2005. it was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chairman of KVS Sh Arjun Singh